Monday, May 11, 2009

PLANT POST: Plant Mail!

As much as I love plants, here's the sad thing: most of my plants, I buy at department stores and Lowe's. =( Yeah, I know. It's sad. But I try to catch them on the days when they have a new shipment coming in from a nursery, which is ALL THE TIME at the moment!

However, sometimes I can't stop myself from buying plants from private sellers on Etsy. Most recently, someone was selling a Jatropha podagrica, and after reading up on them, I really wanted one! It came in the mail the other day and looked a little worn, but after potting it up, it has recovered pretty well!

(The leaves look funny because I just misted them! I swear they're not blotchy and weird!) It's about a foot tall and probably still pretty young; as they grow older, the stem will become more bottle-shaped, which I look forward to! It's apparently pretty normal for it not to have a lot of leaves; in winter, all of them actually fall off! However, eventually it's supposed to produce strange, coral-looking flowers for most of the year, even in winter. Awesome!!

I love how symmetrical it looks from the top! AND it's already growing a new little baby leaf, so I"ll soon find out how fast of a grower this guy is.

Now, here's the cool thing: I ordered just this one plant, but the seller sent me a bunch of goodies! Firstly, a Kalanchoe daigremontiana, of which I already have a bunch and who are taking over my home, haha! So, not as exciting, but still supernice. But I also got two little succulents, which I absolutely love!

Here they are, potted up in their new home. A few leaves fell off during transport, so I stuck them in the soil, hoping to get some growth out of them. I'll keep you guys updated! =)

Ooh, and one last thing: Someone else on Etsy is giving away Agave pups for almost free, go take a look! I think they have a ton of them, and they're pretty eager to give them good, new homes. I don't even know how I'm gonna grow these in WV, but I'll sure give it my damnedest! =) Anyway, if you're interested at all, head over there! Mine arrived today, and they're adorable!

And tomorrow, more about how I can't stop making (and worse: eating!) bread, and about my new rice cooker!

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  1. All, very nice plants! I like my Kalenchoe Diagremontanum, but as you know takes over!